Rottweiler – Loving Confident and Loyal

Before the bankers came and took charge of our money, the Rottweiler, a German dog breed, had already tasted what it is like to be the protector of money. In 700 AD, the breed was popular for herding and protecting cattle from predators. Carrying meat to the market after slaughter, and protecting the butcher’s money on their way back home.

After making a sell, the butcher would put the money in a leather bag tied around the dog’s neck and walk home freely without fearing robbery. Needless to say, no robber would dare to get close to the dog to take the money.

Rottweiler – Loving Confident and Loyal
Rottweiler – Loving Confident and Loyal

The Rottweiler is a mix of three breeds of dogs namely the Roman drover dog, the German Pinscher, and the Swiss Mountain dog. The Drover dog was a fierce, intelligent, tough, and strong breed used by the Roman army in their fight to conquer Europe. The dog would guard the soldiers’ food and protect their encampments.

As the Roman army advanced into Europe, the Drover dogs bred with the Swiss mountain dog and the German Pinscher to give birth to the Rottweiler.

Rottweiler Temperament.

The Rottweiler tops the list of the most intelligent, confident, loyal, and loving dog breeds in the world. Their personality makes them the best-suited police dogs, herders, service dogs, and therapy dogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes the Rottweiler as confident, courageous, and calm, with a self-assured aloofness.

Rottweiler Temperament
Rottweiler Temperament

Unlike other breeds, the Rottweiler tends to respond to events in their environment quietly, with a kind of “wait and see” attitude. The dog is very obedient to the owning family and can be very friendly and loving when well socialized. Like any other breed, the Rottweiler can develop aggressive tendencies if poorly treated.

When it comes to guarding territories, the Rottweiler must be socialized at an early age.  This ensures controlled rather than indiscriminate territorial instincts. With proper training, the dog can distinguish threat from non-threat and not attack indiscriminately.

Rottweiler Suitability as a family pet.

Given its daunting size and the fact that it is used by police and military in security operations, many people discount the Rottweiler as a suitable family pet. The misinformation about this breed as a family pet is made worse by TV shows and movies.  They tend to portray it as an unfriendly predator with the jaws of a cheetah and the temperament of a hungry lion.

Proud Rottweiler
Proud Rottweiler

However, a Rottweiler can be a perfect family pet when adequately trained and socialized. As mentioned earlier, the dog can be very friendly and loving when well treated and loved.

While the Rottweiler dogs can be aggressive towards other dogs of the same sex, they are usually friendly towards cats. However, this depends on with how well socialized they are.

Rottweiler Exercise Needs

The Rottweiler requires regular exercise and plenty of playing space to remain happy and healthy. Given the need for training and socialization, the breed is best suited for homes with extensive and secure outdoor space. If a Rottweiler gets confined in a home with little playing space and minimal human interaction, they are likely to develop behavioral problems.

For an average adult Rottweiler, at least a one hour of walk each day is recommended preferably half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening.

Rottweiler Exercise Needs
Rottweiler Exercise Needs

Rottweiler Common health issues.

The most common health issues with Rottweiler dogs include joint problems such as Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, and Panosteitis. Hip Dysplasia is a condition that affects the hip joint of big dogs such as the Rottweiler leading to limping. It’s believed to be genetic and can be treated with surgery or medical therapy. Elbow dysplasia, on the other hand, is characterized by the malformation of elbow joints leading to front limb lameness. In extreme conditions, elbow dysplasia can develop osteoarthritis. The condition is treatable through surgery.

Rottweiler dogs are also prone to eye problems such as cataracts and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Cataracts mostly appear older dogs and are treatable through surgery. The PRA, on the other hand, is common in younger Rottweiler dogs between 2 and five years of age and usually, results in night blindness which can progress to total blindness within a year from the onset. Unfortunately, this condition has no known treatment, but the dog can survive without vision.

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  1. The best dog I ever had was a gorgeous, loving, loyal, and protecting Rottweiler. His name was Kratos and was taken from our family much too soon at 7 yrs old. My heart will never be the same after loving so deeply. Although my heart is broken, I thank God for giving him to me for the short time he was.

  2. Kelli, As I read your post, my eyes were filled with tears as I too, KNOW fully your heart’s pain. Our beloved Chang, also 7 yrs. old, suddenly passed on Christmas 2015. “Suddenly” because he had no known health issues, just recently had his annual vet check, showed zero signs a sickness or feeling that, yet collapse and died instantly & peacefully while playing. The rug was pulled from under us & had I not experienced this, I would in no way believe this was possible w/o any signs! Despite being 3 and half years ago, the heartache remains, but God as truly giving my family my grace to get through it! And in our tragedy, we know that we were blessed because it happened at home and in our presence, and we had planned for events that day. My family and I that God’s grace and peace overtake you during this very difficult time! We will lift your name up in prayer and trust that your heartache will be soothed each day as only God can do!

    • What a beautiful story, Kat. Thank you for sharing. Our loving Heavenly Father knew you needed him and he needed you. That was truly a match made in Heaven.

  3. Our Rottweiler was a gift from God and an answered prayer, literally. I asked God to send me a large dog that was calm, sweet demeanor, but would put people off by appearing massive and mean. We already had 3 medium sized mixed breeds and we had just moved to the country. Three days later a giant Rottweiler literally climbed my livestock gate and sat at our back door. When I came home from work I was scared to get out of my car, he was massive and gorgeous. My husband assured me that it was safe. My husband put a leash on him and walked around the neighborhood knocking on doors to see if he belonged nearby. No one in the area claimed him. My husband even let him off the leash to set him free, he immediately went back to the gate, walked right over and waited by the back door for my husband to come back. We put flyers up nothing. We had him checked for a chip, none. He has been with us for four years and a most beloved family member. He has never attempted to leave our yard. A gift from above truly.

    • My now deceased rottweiler Baily was a gift from above and saved me from deep depression. I was in the midst of a failed marriage after 25yrs. After work one day I came home to a little bundle of fur. After scouring the neighborhood my son finally admitted his sister had brought home another orphan(already had 2 cats by default). As usual I am the one who always tends to them. Not knowing what breed of pup we were adopting, of course I fell hard. His name was a joke on my neighbor whose last name was Bailey. HaHa. Since we socialized frequently this became a game especially since as like a lot of guys answer to their sir name. One day while on my deck, that was diagonally from his front door, I am calling Bailey when the guys brother(of course with the same last name) entered his brother’s home and told him some crazy lady was yelling for him. HaHa. We eventually learned he was part rottweiler and collie, but he ran true to his an-cestry and even taught us he was a guarddog with the loyalty they are known for, and was the easiest animal we had ever house broken. As most owners of the breed know their ears are extremely sensitive, he quickly reacted to the music from my daughter’s cellphone by howling. So to test him I gripped her hand and began smacking it, immediate reaction, he clamped my arm and pushed her hand free with no damage to either of us. He was only about 3mo old but was as smart as an adult dog that had been trained. As you can surmise I love to talk of him although he has been gone almost 15 yrs. My children always said “she cares more about the dog than about us” my retort “he listens better”. The only thing that helped me get over his loss “grandchild on the way”. But he was the blessing I needed at that point in my life. As they say “what God takes away, he replaces with what you need”. Thank you God.

      • Your story touched my heart. My Sydney pulled me out of a deep depression after losing our beagle of 14 years. She’s his true opposite but I know he and God sent us this rottweiler. Rescued again by a rescue!

    • Hi, I have a question about this specific breed. I have a 1yr Great Dane mix and I’d love to get a rottweiler so that he can have daily interactions with another dog. I also want a male, it would be a puppy of course. Would I have to worry about them fighting, getting/being aggressive as the pup gets older; or will the fact that they grew up together be a reason they wouldn’t fight?

  4. My Kina was with us until she was 13 yrs old…i was so heartbroken when we had to put her down. I honestly thought i would never heal from her death. A year later…our sweet Keona entered our lives. we saved her from a breeder that (literally) was breeding her to death. long story-short, after spending soooo much time at the vet’s and getting her healthy again, we have a GORGEOUS 3-yr old. I suffer from MS…I was so busy getting her good again that i wasn’t paying as much time stressing over my disease (its been a hard summer for me). I thought we were saving her from a hard life and it turns out that she was actually saving me!

  5. I had the fortune of a beutiful Rotweiller, Whylie. He was everything you could ask for in a dog. Smart, loyal, obedient and great with people and other dogs. Everything you could want in a dog. I was walking him one day and he slipped on the ice. It was winter obviously. He started to labour with his breathing. I took him to the animal emergancy right away. They said he had air around his lungs. So they evacuated the air. Next day, same thing. So i took him back. He died right there. I guess he ripped his lung when he slipped. He was only three years young. That was last year and im still heartbroken. I now have a six month old rotweiller named Gunner. They are truly in my oppinion, the best breed of dog on the planit. So i have a new best freind. But i will never get over loosing Whylie. RIP WHYLIE.

  6. I currently have a two year old rottie named Sadie. I’ve raised labs for years and swear they are the best bread ever. But now in a dilemma. I believe I will forever own a rottie. Sadie is great with other dogs even of the same sex. Cannot love a child anymore then she does and love all visitors that stop by the house yet she will broaden when someone of dislike for whatever reason stops by. She will definitely let them know that she doesn’t approve of their presence. I read all these stories of how the family rottie left the home at such an early age. I pray with solid tears in my eyes that this doesn’t happen to my Sadiebear. I wish you all good Fortune With your recovery from your lose. Please pray for my Sadiebear that she lives forever. God bless

  7. I had my Ilsa for almost 13 years. She was perfect. Calm, loving, obedient. She was everything to me. My rock, constant companion. I never had a second thought about how she would act with people or dogs. She loved everyone. She always wanted me touching her in some way. If she was laying on the floor beside the couch (she was always within a couple of feet of me) I had to have a foot touching her. If I moved my foot she would look at me until I put it back. If I didn’t I got the woof. I lost just about a year ago and my heart is still broken.

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