German Shorthaired Pointer – Smart Friendly

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) was bred at the turn of the nineteenth century in Germany with the end goal of hunting. It is believed that there were many dogs that went into making this remarkable breed. Some of which incorporate some German breeds, for example, the schweisshund, a German dog known for following, the Foxhound, diverse French dogs, arranged Scandinavian breeds, the German Bird Dog, and the Italian Pointer.

German Shorthaired Pointer – Smart Friendly
German Shorthaired Pointer – Smart Friendly

Initially, the breed was developed as an all-purpose gundog due to its exceptional skills in game finding, pointing and retrieving. The German shorthaired pointer is the perfect companion for any hunter as the dog is alert, intelligent and has an amazing sense of smell that is ideal for hunting game

German Shorthaired Pointer Exercise Needs

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a highly energetic athletic breed that requires a great deal of exercise, especially during their younger years. Due to their hunting instinct, this breed should ideally be given off-leash activities in a securely fenced area or a dog park. It is important to note, however, that these dogs tend to run and trail after scent, and depriving them of this may lead to problematic behaviors, timidity, or even further restlessness.

German Shorthaired Pointer Exercise Needs
German Shorthaired Pointer Exercise Needs

Even though the German shorthaired pointer makes a great pet, it is important to remember that this dog is essentially a working gundog with a lot of energy. Therefore, it needs to be exercised daily to keep both mind and body active and healthy. GSP’s are highly trainable due to their hunting origins and will prove very loyal pets if treated with love and care. If you do not have the time or the space to exercise your pet, then the German shorthaired pointer is not for you. This breed will not be happy as a lap dog or a flat dweller and may develop behavioral issues later in life. The breed does love children and people in general so you should have no problems socializing your pet.

As soon as you look at a German shorthaired pointer, you can tell that they are renowned for their power, speed, and steady nature. Energetic-looking and powerful with adequate muscles, this medium sized dog has an impressive bone composition and a coat that gives the animal a thoroughbred appearance.

German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament

Aside from their fascination to field hunting, German Shorthaired Pointers like to spend quiet time by their master’s side, too. While dedicated to their family, these dogs could be too high strung for very young children. It is advisable for this breed to be reared alongside small pets to prevent being overly hostile towards them, as they have hunting dog instincts. This breed doesn’t like to be left alone and may become frustrated or anxious if isolated for a long time.


Bred to be a hunting dog, the German Shorthaired pointer is widely recognized to be a versatile hunter and all-purpose gun dog with the ability to perform effectively on both land and water. They thrive on human companionship and will be at their worst if left isolated.

Care and Grooming

The German shorthaired pointer is very easy to care for. They need regular brushing with a firm bristle brush and bathing only when necessary. To keep their coats shiny, rub it with a damp cloth or chamois. Constantly check the soles of their feet especially after working or exercising.

German Shorthaired Pointer Grooming
German Shorthaired Pointer Grooming

As these dogs are short haired, their coat does not take too much looking after. You will have to brush them on a regular basis with a firm brush through and keep bathing to only when it is necessary. Being shorthaired these dogs don’t shed so are perfect for those with allergies. Always have the right dog supplies at hand to deal with this. If your dog takes part in a working exercise, it is essential to check their feet and ears afterward to make sure that everything is OK in that area.

German Shorthaired Pointer Training Needs

The German shorthaired pointer requires an experienced trainer as they need quite a lot of formal training. Their nature is to work separately with their handlers. Due to this fact, they need to be trained to understand that the trainer is in charge, and should come when called.

As one among the few hunting dogs that can execute in almost every gun dog responsibility, the German Shorthaired Pointer can be easily trained to perform these activities, yet may take time to make it perfect.

Even if they are not used to hunt, the German shorthaired pointer would still need formal training. Puppy classes such as agility, obedience, and other types of training are suited for this breed as an untrained dog will be impossible to manage.

The GSP takes instruction very well which is another reason why it is the perfect hunting companion and works harder than most working dogs of a similar size. It can work on both open ground and water with equal enthusiasm making it a truly versatile animal in the field. As a breed, the GSP is loyal and level-headed which makes it great as a hunter but also a brilliant pet. The dog is endearing to all members of the family and has a protective nature that is without aggression which makes it the perfect addition to any family home.

Although the German shorthaired pointer is powerful and active, they are also approachable and gentle towards humans and other animals. They are not nervous or unpredictable and make great pets for families. They love to play and the more energetic, the better so make sure you have enough dog toys and time to devote to exercising your pet on a regular basis. Exercise is also very important for mental stimulation with this breed.

Due to the nature of the work they were developed for, German Shorthaired Pointers are relatively tough health animals and suffer from few health problems. However, if your dog is involved in hunting activities, you need to be careful about the spread of bacteria and fungi from coming into contact with the game.

The German shorthaired pointer has a longer life expectancy than other dogs of this size and most live up to 14 years with no problems. This means that you can enjoy many years with this loyal and affectionate pet!

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  1. Has anyone ever had yeast issues with their GSP? Mine has constant ear issues, frito feet, flaking itchy skin… it’s awful we’ve changed foods a few times no grain etc… but have found no relief. She’s been to vet they wanna give steroids and other meds that are terrible for dogs long term. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. We have a 9 yr old female purebred English SP that we rescued from a puppy mill. She is very loving and sweet but can’t seem to learn to poop outside. She also chews blankets. We live on 5 acres and would love to let her run freely but are also having trouble teaching her boundaries. Would appreciate any advice! We also have a 12 yo female GSP /ESP mix who is well trained. They tolerate each other but aren’t close as we hoped

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